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Prisoner - Moonrize

[I’m Not Your] Prisoner

°13 October 2023

Written, produced and arranged by Moonrize

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18th October 2023

[I’m Not Your] Prisoner…


Moonrize, the versatile singer-songwriter from Belgium releases his electrifying track, “(I’m Not Your) Prisoner.” Known for his exceptional talent in songwriting and production, Moonrize has decided to grace the world with his own magnetic sound. The song’s energetic, combative, and positively charged mood is set to captivate listeners and break through musical boundaries.

Moonrize, who has made a mark in the Belgian charts and on national television through talent shows, has an innate passion for diverse music styles, including mainstream pop, soul, funk, R&B, hip-hop, musical, and even classical music. He effortlessly blends these styles to create music that knows no boundaries, allowing any sound or rhythm to find its place within his art.

“(I’m Not Your) Prisoner” is a powerful anthem dedicated to all those who feel imprisoned, whether by external forces or societal expectations. Moonrize’s lyrics resonate with anyone who has ever felt constrained by the expectations of others, the system, religion, culture, or their own circumstances. The song embodies the courage to break free and embrace individuality, bringing a sense of joy and liberation to those who dare to be themselves.

Moonrize, who volunteers for an organization that assists underprivileged individuals, found inspiration for this track in the struggles he witnessed among those he served. He saw people entrapped in their situations, lacking the power to break free from the vicious circles that held them captive. It was this profound empathy that fueled the creation of “(I’m Not Your) Prisoner,” a song that is sure to resonate with a wide audience.

The track kicks off with an acoustic guitar and energetic drums, primarily based on two chords. Moonrize’s creative process involves letting chords and mood generate melodies in his head, which he then captures through his powerful vocals. He draws upon his extensive library of samples, loops, and effects, allowing melodies to come to life with the help of innovative plugins. Strings, synths, and other instruments all find their place within the song, creating a captivating and dynamic musical landscape.

“(I’m Not Your) Prisoner” is an anthem of empowerment and self-expression, drawing influence from the struggles Moonrize has witnessed while volunteering. With a sound that transcends genres and an emotional depth that resonates with a wide audience, Moonrize is ready to make his mark on the global music scene.

Jodie, Liberty Music PR

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